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Fishing Tournament

Joseph Fleitas Memorial Fishing Trophy

The 2019 Joseph Fleitas Fishing Trophy will be awarded to the CYC member 15 years or younger who catches and documents the most impressive fish from local waters.

“To reach the heart of a child, the best and most direct way is to take the child fishing and listen to their observations on life between fish bites”

Tournament Overview

  • The tournament will be ongoing throughout the summer Memorial Day through the Annual Meeting in August.

  • Fish will be judged on size, weight, beauty and difficulty of catch - a good story enhances chances of winning.

Rules and Regulations

  • Fish can be weighed and measured at the CYC Floating Dock

  • Released fish can be photographed and weighed and measured on board (if possible) - allowing fish to be returned to the sea.

  • Fishing area is limited to Narragansett Bay and one mile offshore of Jamestown and Newport.

  • Multiple entries can be submitted throughout the summer as long as the fish is larger than the previous.

  • Any participant who buys a fish at the market for entry will be banned the following year.

  • In case of a tie, the winner will be selected by the head of the trophy event.

All entries should be submitted to the event chair: Allison Fleitas


  • The award shall be a silver plate with the winner's name engraved on it and the Club trophy shall be engraved with the same.