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Paddle Tennis

2017 Paddle Tennis Clinics

Pre Season Paddle Camp
*Monday, Oct 9th - Wednesday October 11th - 6:00pm - 7:30pm Open to Intermediate level and above - $75pp - 8 player limit. (* Rescheduled date)
Contact rob@conanicutyachtclub or call 802-356-3189 to sign up.

Fall 2017 Clinic Options
There are clinic times available Monday afternoons through midday on Thursdays, October 9th - December 21st. 
Step 1.) Form a group of 3 or 4 players of similar ability* (beginner - advanced)
Step 2.) Contact Rob to set up a time
Step 3.) Start learning to play better paddle!

* Please let Rob know if you are looking to join a group

3 & A Pro Clinics
- Privately scheduled 1 ½ Hour Clinic 
- 5 Clinic session $150.pp (Single clinic $35.pp)
- Times available every other week Monday – Thursday starting January 9th
- If you have a group, are looking for a group or someone to complete a group, please contact Rob. 
4 Player Clinics - 5 Clinic session - $115 pp (Single clinic $25 pp)
Coaching Session
If you have a group that is playing on a regular basis and would like Rob to observe your group (not a clinic) and do some coaching as you play, this is for you.  Giving quick tips about court positioning, shot selection, strategy and tactics, this will make your points longer, your game stronger and more fun!
-1.5 hours $15 pp for 4 players or $10 pp for 8 players
Times available Monday – Thursday
Pro Fill In
Have Rob play in your game, $12.pp per 1½ time slot (subject to availability)

Private Lessons
$80 per hour, $44 per half hour
Semi Private Lessons
$44 per hour, $25 per half hour
Private Lesson Packages
Three pack hour - $225, half hour $120


* Email Rob ( or call 802-356-3189 to sign up for programs or clinics.

Email Rob:  Rob@ConanicutYachtClub.Org

Racquets Hut Phone:
(401) 423-9915

January 29, 2015

February 18 2015: Paddle Snow Removal Crew